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If you are a staff member of International Executive Service Corps (IESC), you may use this form to request an update to your organization's information. Please refer to our Privacy Statement if you have concerns about our management of this information.

Note that the same information may need to be entered in more than one place. For example, the duration of projects needs to be entered in a text description, as well as in specific Project Duration fields. The text fields are used for display to potential project participants, with the data fields are used to match participants with your organization.

Make any changes you wish on each of these forms, and then click "Submit Updates" (at the bottom of this long page):

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Any other name of the organization, such as
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   Type of Organization
The type of your organization as it relates to potential volunteers or advisors. Please refer to our Organizations page for the types of organizations. Specific listing criteria for Field Organizations is given on our Listing Criteria page. Please select a New Type only if you wish to change the type of your organization.
Current Type: Field Organization
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Address: IESC
333 Ludlow Street
Stamford, CT 06904

In this section, the current information is show above each field.
Enter a revised version of the information if you wish to make changes.
You may cut from the text of the current information and paste into the field below to begin a revision.
General Description: A large field organization which undertakes field projects in diverse areas worldwide.
Program Information: Projects vary widely in duration.
Describe the typical project length and style - community service, technical assistance, etc.
Qualifications: General qualifications as well as qualifications for specific projects are listed on the IESC web site.
What are the required qualifications for participants - experience, age, citizenship, etc.
Financial Arrangements: none
General information about financial arrangements, from the view of a participant.
Volunteer Registration: Advisors can register on-line at the IESC web site.
How do participants register or apply?
History: Founded in 1964 by a group of concerned businessmen, under the leadership of David Rockefeller, then chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, as a private sector Peace Corps to offer technical and managerial assistance to clients in the developing world.
When and where was your organization incorporated or founded?
Mission Statement: The International Executive Service Corps is a private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to contribute to global stability by assisting in the development of free market economies and democratic societies. We provide expertise to strengthen private sector enterprises and government entities to enable self sufficiency and participation in the worldwide economy. As a consequence, we also strengthen the U.S. economy through trade, investment, and alliances between overseas companies and American businesses.
Your organization's mission statement.

This section lists your organization's religious and national affiliations and whether that affiliation is a requirement for volunteers.
Religious Affiliation:
   Volunteers must be a member of this religion.
National Affiliation:
   Volunteers must be a citizen of this country.

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