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If you are a staff member of The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs (CNFA), you may use this form to request an update to your organization's information. Please refer to our Privacy Statement if you have concerns about our management of this information.

Note that the same information may need to be entered in more than one place. For example, the duration of projects needs to be entered in a text description, as well as in specific Project Duration fields. The text fields are used for display to potential project participants, with the data fields are used to match participants with your organization.

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Organization Name:
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Any other name of the organization, such as
a former name, a DBA, or a different name in
different parts of the world.

   Type of Organization
The type of your organization as it relates to potential volunteers or advisors. Please refer to our Organizations page for the types of organizations. Specific listing criteria for Field Organizations is given on our Listing Criteria page. Please select a New Type only if you wish to change the type of your organization.
Current Type: Field Organization
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   Contact Information
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Address: CNFA
1111 19th St., NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036

In this section, the current information is show above each field.
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You may cut from the text of the current information and paste into the field below to begin a revision.
General Description: The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, Inc (CNFA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to stimulating economic growth in emerging and developing world markets. CNFA takes a multi-faceted approach to promoting agricultural development in developing countries from training farmers and members of farmers organizations at the grass-roots level to facilitating joint ventures between American and foreign agribusinesses.
Program Information: The CNFA Agribusiness Volunteer Program is part of the U.S. foreign aid program, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Their goal is to improve the lives of small-scale and private farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs in the former Soviet Union and Southern Africa by providing technical assistance.
Describe the typical project length and style - community service, technical assistance, etc.
Qualifications: CNFA advisors are American citizens who have relevent background experience in:
- farmer cooperative and association organization and management
- agribusiness management and marketing
- farm management
- marketing - farm credit / credit union development
- value-added processing
- crop and livestock production
- organic farming
- women's empowerment
- representation and advocacy
- record keeping/financial mangement
What are the required qualifications for participants - experience, age, citizenship, etc.
Financial Arrangements: CNFA pays all assignment-related costs including but not limited to airfare, lodging, meals and incidental expenses.
General information about financial arrangements, from the view of a participant.
Volunteer Registration: The CNFA web site has an on-line application form. You can also call CNFA at 202-296-3920 to receive a print application (ask for an AVP program coordinator).
How do participants register or apply?
History: Established in 1985, The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs (CNFA Inc.) is a non-profit, international development organization dedicated to stimulating economic growth and policy reform in the world's transitional economies.
When and where was your organization incorporated or founded?
Mission Statement: CNFA was founded on the belief that global economic growth is critical to future stability and that private enterprise is one of the most potent and sustainable engines of developmental change. By leveraging government resources with American private sector investment, technology and know-how, CNFA Inc. helps to create market-oriented, economically viable enterprises.

With over nine years of experience fielding volunteers, CNFA has developed a program that produces maximum impact by building long-term partnerships with a few hosts and developing long-term projects with narrow, well-defined objectives.
Your organization's mission statement.

This section lists your organization's religious and national affiliations and whether that affiliation is a requirement for volunteers.
Religious Affiliation:
   Volunteers must be a member of this religion.
National Affiliation:
   Volunteers must be a citizen of this country.

   Training and Experience
The level of training and experience helps us match volunteers with organizations. We use "college equivalent years" (CEYs) as a measure of training and experience. Each year of education after high school (grade 12) counts as one CEY. Every five years of industry experience counts as one CEY. For example, if you organization has a general requirement or preference for volunteers with a Bachelors degree and 10 years experience would be 6 CEYs.
Required/preferred training and experience:

If your organization specializes in field projects in particular fields, select them here. Additional information on the field choices is available at the Description of Industry Fields page.
Field 1:
Field 1 is
Field 2:
Field 2 is
Field 3:
Field 3 is

   Financial Arrangements
This section gives the financial arrangements for people participating in your projects. Please list the percentage of your projects that have the financial arrangements. For example, if half your projects use consultants who get paid a salary or substantial compensation, then the first field should be "50".
Participants are paid a
salary or substantial compensaion:
Participants are given a
small stipend or allowance:
Travel expenses of participants
are covered by the project:
Living expenses of participants
are covered by the project:
Expenses for a spouse
are covered by the project:
Expenses for dependent children
are covered by the project:
Participants pay a fee above travel
and living expenses to participate:
Your organization helps participants
raise funds to cover costs:

   Project Duration
Minimum project length:
Average project length:
Maximum project length:

   Age and Family
Minimum required participant age: years
Leave blank if no limit.
Maximum limit on participant age: years
Leave blank if no limit.
Youngest typical participant: years
Average age of typical participant: years
Oldest typical participant: years
Family: Participants may bring a spouse.
Dependent children may accompany the participant.

Number of potential participants registered:
If you maintain a database of potential volunteers.
Number of international projects undertaken by your organization:
in year:
Number of participants sent on international projects:
in year:

This section lists the number of countries in each region in which your organization has a presence (executes projects). Click on the name of each region to see what countries are included.
Africa: countries
Asia: countries
Australia-Oceania: countries
Caribbean: countries
Central America: countries
Eastern Europe: countries
Middle East: countries
North America: countries
South America: countries
Southeast Asia: countries
Western Europe: countries

This section details the organization's budget for the most recent year which information is available.
Budget amount:
In what currency:
For the year:
Percentage of budget
spent internationally:

   When all done ...
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