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Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC)

FSVC places experienced advisors in the financial sector in short technical assistance projects in Eastern Europe.

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Most projects are in the financial sectors, including banking, capital markets, corporate governance, government securities, insurance, monetary affairs, and payments systems. Advisors are sent on one to two week assignments overseas. Projects take the form of seminars, workshops, or one-on-one consultations.


Advisors must have practical financial experience and/or skills particular to a given project.

Financial Arrangements

FSVC covers the cost of travel and living expenses.

Contact Information

Web Site:


10 East 53rd Street 24th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-771-1400

Fax: 212-421-2162

Registration / Application

Application forms are available for download on the FSVC web site.


History: Established in 1990.

Advisors sent on field projects: 120 in 2000.

Budget: $4,664,005 (fiscal 1998)

Mission Statement

FSVC brings together the best of corporate and non-profit America. We provide expert technical assistance designed to help developing countries strengthen their financial systems as they build market-oriented economies.
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